Shanghai International Exhibition

The three days in 2019 Shanghai International Refrigeration Exhibition came to an end on 14th, April.In the Exhibition,Taizhou Nanfeng Cold-Chain CO.,LTD was in a whole new look“28th International Refrigeration Exhibition ”.

There are a lot of products in the exhibition.DC fan cooling condensing unit,Semi-hermetic compressor condensing unit,Top discharge condensing unit,Trop in type monoblock condensing unit,Slide in type monoblock condensing unit,BLDC Inverter compressor condensing unit,Variable frequency+fixed frequency rack unit,LFJ series air cooler,LFJX series ceiling type air cooler.

Two one of the biggest bright spots are our new developed products:BLDC Inverter compressor condensing unit and Variable frequency+fixed frequency rack unit,save power and high performance,low noise and less vibration.A lot of vistors are very interested in the two products.They are constantly consulting with recognition of the two products.

In the exhibition,all the staffs of Taizhou Nanfeng cold-chain actively worked out problems and Showed Taizhou Nanfeng cold-chain company good teamwork spirit.Nanfeng units will be the top one products with the leadership of the company.
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